Trilobes has a long track record in the food process engineering industry as well in the construction of stainless steel tanks. For over 20 years expertise has been applied in developing novel storage and transport systems for the liquid food industry, working for players in the juice industry.

Projects on all continents have been executed and therefore the expertise to built under different circumstances is available, whether in Brazil, Belgium or Japan. Though projects can be complex, our history is to deliver turn-key in time.

A leading position in bulk logistical systems for liquid foods has been proven. Large numbers of “port-ship-port” solutions, tank terminals and ship cargo system have been implemented.

Our specialty is technical and logistical know-how for liquids in:

  • Design and construction of tank terminals and ship cargo systems
  • Engineering and installation of process, electrical and automation systems
  • Expertise in complying with international standards for shipping industry